Here at Animals R Special New Albany, we take all our pets needs seriously. Did you know that your cat and dog are considered a senior at 7 years old? Your pet’s care changes as they age, and here is what you should know.


We still want to be active and do the things we love

Keeping your pet active as they come into their senior years is important. Even though your pet may not be as agile as they once were, their joints thrive on daily activity. Your pet may need longer breaks in between walks and play, but activities will be sure to keep them happy and mobile.


We will want to take more naps

Dr.Wagner  and Dr. Bowers recommend special bedding for your senior pet that will provide extra padding against hard surfaces, making it easier for your pet’s achy joints.

We need a senior diet

As your pet ages, their diet needs change. Most pet food brands have a senior diet to support joint health, heart health, weight management and overall body function. These diets are an important transition into being a senior pet.

We need more vet visits

Pets age more rapidly than humans, so as they enter their senior years they need more frequent check ups. These vet visits are a deeper look at your pet’s health to ensure early detection of health concerns. These visits often include bloodwork and are recommended twice yearly.

We need more testing

Yearly bloodwork becomes pertinent to your pet’s health as a senior. Bloodwork screens for basic health concerns and aids in early changes and detection of your pet’s health. Bloodwork may sound scary and stressful, but rest assured with advances in technology and patient care at Animals R Special New Albany, it is quick and painless.


We will sometimes be forgetful

As pets age physical, they can also age mentally. Your pet’s mental health is just as important. 28% of Senior pets suffer from Cognitive Dysfunction. This can include being disoriented, confused, increased irritability, increased vocalizations, decreased grooming and hygiene, and change in sleep cycles.


We need more potty breaks

Your senior pet may not be able to hold it as long as they once did. Frequent potty breaks are a must. Longer walks before leaving will help give your pet multiple chances to fully empty their bladder.

Here at Animals R Special, senior pets hold a special place in our hearts and we take pride in making our old friends happy and comfortable. During the month of September we have $150 off Senior Wellness Bloodwork. Don’t miss out on this offer by clicking here to set up an appointment and reserve your spot now.