Have you ever wondered how you would fare if you found yourself in a real-life zombie situation? For those questioning their survival skills, here at Animals R Special we would like to recommend befriending a Vet Tech. Why? Here are our top 15 reasons you will want a Vet Tech on your Zombie Apocalypse team!


1. We know how to work on moving objects.

Our patients are known to be very wiggly. Our Vet Techs know all the tricks to keep our patients relaxed and still for various procedures.

2. Teamwork 

Vet Techs are the best team players! We can work seamlessly with groups big and small.

3. We always know where the snacks are

Did you know the way to a Vet Tech’s heart is food?! We always know where the snacks are, and when they arrive! We also know how to properly store them for later.

4. We know the best places to hide things

Vet Techs are the masters of hiding spots. We can hide our snacks, our favorite pens, and even our favorite hospital supplies and no one will ever find them. ( including ourselves! Ha ha ha )

5. We know how to pack the get away vehicle

Vet Techs are experts on how to strategically pack pets into the car! We know all the tricks to secure carriers, while also leaving enough room for extra supplies and of course… snacks!

6. We are good at avoiding bites

Vet Techs are like ninjas.. we are quick and resilient. We know all the moves to avoid that bite!

7. We can run fast, and lift heavy things

As a Vet Tech we can run fast… and lift those heavy pets, food containers, and other objects.

8. Experts in Parasites

Fleas..Ticks..Worms… We know our stuff! We’ve got you covered on all things parasites.

9. We are always prepared

Being a Vet Tech, your day is always full of surprises. We are always prepared for the unknown and even thrive on the thrill of “what’s next”

10. Multitasking is our strong suite!

We have mastered the art of Multitasking. We can answer the phone, snuggle kittens, look at samples under the microscope and eat our snacks… all at the same time!

11. We are First Aid experts

We can clean that wound, suture that cut, apply those bandages and more! Vet Techs are truly first aid superheroes!

12. We are good at making a comfy place to rest

The key is lots of pillows! Vet Techs are great at making comfy beds for their patients to rest and recover.

13. We are very good a fixing things

Broken clippers… no problem, we’ve got tape! Leaky Faucet….no problem, we’ve got bowls! Whatever is broken, we know how to adapt and overcome.

14. We are not afraid to get dirty

Being a Vet Tech is not for the faint of heart. Sometimes things get a little messy, but that never slows us down.

15. We always have an extra outfit

See above…. We are always prepared.. and when things get messy, we have just the remedy!

Vet Techs are very talented and bring so many skills to the table and in the event of a real-life Zombie Apocalypse they just might be the most valuable survivors of all! Vet Tech Week is just around the corner… so let’s start the celebration early!