The holidays are stressful with cooking, cleaning, shopping and traveling. List after list and you still forget… to make those boarding reservations for your pet! Here at Animals R Special, we want you and your pet to feel like family. With our expert staff, we ensure a stress free stay. All you have to do is click here to reserve your spot!

Here are Dr. Wagner’s tips for boarding your pet over the holidays:

Make your reservations early:

Because a lot of families are traveling over the holidays, the kennels get booked quick. Be sure to reserve your pet’s spot early to  guarantee them a happy and safe place to stay while your gone. Making your reservations early will minimize your stress right before the holidays because your special family member will be taken care of.

Prepare clear feeding and medicating instructions:

To minimize stress for your pet, keeping their feedings and medications on schedule is important. Be sure to leave clear instructions on how you feed and medicate your pet at home.

Bring extra food and medications:

Bringing extras for your pet is essential in case there are delays in your return. It is important that your pet not miss a dose in medication, so bringing a full fresh bottle of medications will avoid complications.

Leave a piece of home:

A toy, blanket or treats can help minimize your pet’s stress during their stay. A little piece of home can bring comfort while your away.

Have an emergency plan:

Emergencies are rare but planning can help make things go smoothly. Leave a list of ways to contact you or a trusted friend and family member. Also leaving clear instructions for how you’d like a medical emergency to be handled. Boarding facilities have safety measures in place, but communication is crucial.

Bring updated vaccine records and medical history:

Vaccines must be current for your pet to stay at any boarding facility. This is for the safety of your pet and others. It is of utmost importance that your pet stay healthy and happy during their stay. Having your records faxed, or emailed before your reservation will help things be efficient upon check in.

Discuss special medical needs and plans with your boarding facility:

Consulting with Dr. Wagner and boarding facility staff about special medical needs can help your pet’s stay go smoothly. Here at Animals R Special we can accommodate pets that need extra care. With a quick consult and plan rest assured your pet’s stay will be special.