Did you know that the cold can be just as dangerous as the heat? The real question is how cold is too cold? Here is our top three tips to survive the winter!


Number One:

Freezing temperatures can put your pet at risk for frostbite. Temperatures below 40 degrees can cause irritation, damage or even frostbite to your pet’s paw pads. Salt and other anti freezing chemicals can also irritate, ulcerate and even make your pet sick. To avoid your pet licking these products off of their feet and to provide protection from the elements, booties are our number one pick! Check out some of our favorite pairs mirziamov.ru, here.

Number Two:

When the temperatures are cold and the ground is wet with snow, limiting walks and outdoor time is crucial. We love the idea of fun indoor activities like puzzle toys, and chewy bones.

Number Three:

We know that constant exposure to the winter elements can cause your pet’s paw pads and nose to crack and become uncomfortable. Using a product like Musher’s Secret and Snout Soother will make all the difference!

The winter and snow can be a fun time for you and your pets, but remember to stay warm, take frequent breaks and when in doubt, snuggle up on the couch!