Veterinary Services

We’re a full-service veterinary hospital.

You will not find a crowded waiting room or have trouble scheduling timely appointments. Our doctors and friendly staff provide a complete array of medical and surgical procedures. From basic preventative care to specialized treatments, we can meet all of your pet’s needs.

Laser Therapy

Laser and massage therapy are an exciting new way to give the body energy to heal itself. Laser therapy is an intense beam of laser light directed into the tissues to reduce pain, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and promote healing.

Full Laboratory

Results of blood tests to evaluate your pets for kidney, liver, pancreas, diabetes, thyroid infection, and anemia will be obtained by the next morning. Urine testing and fecal samples are done the same day so immediate treatment can be initiated. Blood pressure, EKGs, glaucoma checks, and allergy testing are all available.

Radiology Procedures

We have full radiology capabilities that can provide you with complete information about your sick or injured pet. Hip certification for breeders is also available.

Heartworm Testing & Prevention

Both dogs and cats can get heartworm disease from the simple bite of a mosquito. Protect your friend with annual blood testing and prevention. There are now 3 choices for prevention: 1. Triheart – a monthly chewable treat, 2. Revolution – an ointment applied monthly on the skin in one spot protects against heartworms, fleas, and ticks, 3. Proheart injection – an injection given by the vet and lasts 6 months (dogs only).

Dental Cleaning & Polishing

Did you know that 70% of pets over 3 years old have dental disease? Our staff can recommend diets, teeth brushing with poultry-flavored toothpaste, and special mouthwashes to help you fight the tartar at home. We can provide complete ultrasonic dental cleanings, fluoride polishing, fluoride treatments, and any needed extractions for your pet. Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy keeps the overall pet healthy by cutting the risk of heart, kidney, and liver disease.

Wellness Exams

A full physical exam by a veterinarian is essential to your pet’s health and recommended at least once a year – this entails a head-to-toe evaluation of the heart, lungs, eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth, lymph nodes, abdomen, and skin. Senior pets (cats and dogs over seven years old) are recommended to have a wellness exam every six months to help detect the signs of developing problems. Remember that every year in your pet’s life is like seven years in yours!

Preventative Care

Annual preventative care is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. Comprehensive physical exams from nose to tail along with vaccines, fecal checks, de-worming, heartworm testing and prevention for dogs and cats are extremely important.

Microchip ID

A special microchip with an individual identification number is implanted under your pet’s skin with a simple injection and lasts for the lifetime of your pet. Never worry about your pet losing it’s tags again. The number is placed in a central, national computer and a scanner can read the information.

Behavior Consultation

Our doctors can help evaluate and counsel annoying behavior problems in your pets. Things like urinating outside the litter box, aggression, separation anxiety, housebreaking, fear of thunderstorms, and cognitive dysfuntion in older pets (senility). We also can refer cases to a behavior specialists.

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