Hello Summer! 

With summer fun just heating up here are our top three tips to keep your pet cool!

Tip Number 1:

A New Hair-Do

Did you know that a dog’s hair coat provides valuable protection from the sun? Their coats are designed to protect them from sunburn and insulate them from the heat. Dogs with a double coat, like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds have two layers of hair. The undercoat keeps your dog warm and dry and the outercoat  can repel water and reflect the sun. Because dogs sweat from their paws and their tongues, shaving their coat to “cool” them can actually cause more problems. If you want to help keep your dog cool in the summer, get them a brush and blow out to help them shed their undercoat which CAN help them regulate their body temperature.

Check out the local dog salons for more information on how to properly care for your pet’s specific hair coat!

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Tip Number 2:

Plan your walks and playtime

Walking your dog is essential, but remember your heat safety! Try walking your dog early in the morning and late in the evening to avoid heat stress. During the afternoon try short potty breaks in between cool activities indoors. Heat stress and stroke can happen so quickly, so when you have to go out remember to watch for these few signs!

*Excessive drooling

*Shade Seeking

*Excessive panting


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Tip Number 3:

Add Some Water!

Who doesn’t love to have some summer fun in the water?! Add a sprinkler or a baby pool to your yard for a quick and easy way to cool down. If you’re feeling super adventurous try swimming at your local park,pond, and lake. Now adding water does have its own set of risks, so watch your pet closely and remember to only stay out for short amounts of time. Don’t forget your doggy life jacket when swimming in the lake or boating!


Have fun this summer and be safe!