So, It’s dental month and we are all excited, but what does that mean?!

Oral hygiene is an important but an often over-looked part of your pet’s health. We are here to give you the real talk about dental health. The Good.The Bad.The Ugly.


The Ugly.

Dental health isn’t always glamorous. It starts with an odor and can end with rotten teeth! Here are the signs your pet should see Dr. Wagner:

Odor from the mouth

Loose or damaged teeth

Reluctance to eat or loss of appetite


The Bad.
Left untreated, bacteria can cause a bigger problem than just dirty teeth. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect other functions. Dental disease affects 85 percent of our patients and can be easily treated with the right tools. We know that anesthesia can be scary, but we take all the precautions to keep your pet safe. Just like you go to the dentist, we do a full oral exam to assess the level of dental disease your pet may have. Then we use an ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tartar built up on the surface of the teeth. To prevent future build up on the teeth we use a polisher and yummy flavored toothpaste to polish the surface of each tooth. While this is being done, we use a variety of monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of your pet. This equipment monitors the blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level of your pet. We also place a catheter so your pet gets fluids during the procedure. This helps maintain anesthesia and keeps your pet hydrated. After the dental cleaning we put together a plan to help you keep your pet’s teeth cleaned at home.

The Good. 

Prevention is a big part of keep your pet’s mouth healthy. There are a lot of dental health products and options, but here is our favorites:

Toothbrush and paste 

Brushing is proven to be the most effective way to prevent plaque and tartar. It can take some work to get your pet used to brushing and fitting it in to your busy schedule.














Dental Chews

Dental chews come a variety of different shapes,sizes and textures. They can be a great reward for your pet and can give them something to do. Our favorite is the CET Dental Chew, this product has enzymes that help break down plaque and tartar as they chew.

Perio Support Powder

This is a dental product specifically formulated for use between routine dental cleanings to help maintain clean teeth, fresh breath, control plaque formation, and support gum health. You simply sprinkle it onto your pet’s food with each meal. Perio Support Powder has main ingredients that penetrate an oxidize plaque so that it cannot build up on the teeth. Perio Support Powder is also full of antioxidants that support gum tissue and surrounding structures. Click here to try it out!

All of our patients are kissable, but let’s make them EXTRA kissable with 20% off dental cleanings for the month of February!