With the holiday well on the way, we are here with our Summer and 4th of July Tips!

  1. Provide your pet with a quiet, secure and safe space to be.  Add a fluffy blanket, bedding and some favorite toys.
  2. Try a noise machine, TV, or Radio to provide distraction.
  3. Keep your pets inside during holiday parties and late night when there are fireworks.
  4. Update your pet’s microchip information incase they get out. If your pet is not microchipped, consider it or other tag and collar devices to help if your pet gets lost.

5. 4th of July can be HOT, so provide frequent breaks from the heat

6. Provide plenty of shaded areas and opportunity to get out of the sun

7. Provide fresh, clean, cold water while out and about at all the 4th of July festivities

8. Avoid and check for hot surfaces at your outdoor functions

9. Check out your local pet store for calming treats and chews that can help your pets relax

and lastly, our friends that struggle during these holidays, talk with us about other options!