Feline Inappropriate Elimination can be one of the most frustrating problems cat owners can face! When your cat stops using their litterbox it can mean that their mental,physical and medical needs are not being met. Although it feels like your cat may be mad at you and doing these behaviors out of spite.. that is not the case. Here are the top three reasons your cat isn’t using their litterbox:

Number One:

The first step is to contact us! 

Sometimes not using the litterbox can be a sign your cat is sick. Scheduling an appointment and ruling out Urinary Tract Infection, kidney problems, diabetes and other possibilities.  These appointments often include collecting a urine sample and some blood for testing.

займы на карту с 18 лет

Number Two:

The Environment of the litterbox.

Cats like to do their business in a safe and private location. Consider if the location of your cat’s litterbox is in a high traffic area where other pets and people frequently pass or gather or in a location with a lot of noise and commotion. In a multi-cat or multi-pet household sometimes getting to the litterbox can be a challenge. Consider if other pets are “blocking” ,”guarding”, or “chasing” from this area. It can be subtle, but make a big impact on your cat’s ability to use the litterbox. Cats are by nature clean animals and generally like to have a clean and tidy area to use. Consider frequency of cleaning and changing of the litter.

Number Three:


Now let’s get down to the details, what are you using? All cats are different, and like different things. Consider what type of litter you are using, scented vs. unscented, Clay litter vs. paper litter vs. corn and wheat litter. Open box vs, covered box vs, decorative hidden box. There are tall boxes, short boxes, and wide boxes. There are even automatic scooping boxes! Consider giving your pet multiple options and then pick which they like the best. The experts at  The American Association of Feline Practioners recommend one box per cat plus one. They also recommend that these boxes be spread out over multiple levels and be of multiple variety.

We know how frustrating this can be, and we are here to help!