Giving medicine to your pet can be an ordeal. Here at Animals R Special, we are going to share some of our inside secrets to a stress free experience.
Capsules and Tablets

These are hard pills to swallow! But let us share our secrets to success. Our number one trick… FOOD! You can use a variety of yummy treats to hide the medication. Cheese, Cream Cheese, Peanutbutter, Lunch Meat, Bread, and Canned Pet Food make the list as some of our favorites. There are also products like Pill Pockets that are made to hide medications.

When food doesn’t work and pills are the only option, pilling your pet is the next step. For kitties, using the scruff of the neck and extending the head and neck allows you to easily drop the pill in the mouth without harm. For dogs, grabbing at the top of the muzzle, just behind the canine teeth and extending the head and neck will allow the same thing. For some of our more challenging pets, you can try a pill popper.


Giving your pet a liquid medication is sometimes an option. Although a liquid seems easier, sometimes it can be just as tricky as pills! Our expert tip…. smear some yummy treat on the end of the dropper and as your pet is licking that off..down the hatch it goes.

Ears and Eyes

You thought oral medication was a challenge. Ears and eyes are a whole new game! Our best tip, is to go slow. With our pet’s ears, it is best to apply cleaners to a cotton pad and gently wipe away debris instead of dumping the cold liquid into the ear. For ear medications go slow and and give a reward for a job well done.

Eye medication can be scary, but be assured that it is easier than you think. Coming from the side or behind your pet can make make things less startling. Gently warming the eye medication between your hands before you apply can also be helpful.












We know how hard medicating your pet can be! So ask us about your options. Did you know that there are ear medications we can apply for you that are long lasting? Did you know sometimes we can give an injectable medication that is also long lasting? Did you know that we can help you find a pharmacy that can make your medications flavored or even topical?

We are here to help! Let us know how we can make medicating your pet easier!